Dieter Koch : guitar,vocals and compostiton.

Studied classical guitar at
the School of Music and Performing Arts under Professor Klaus Hempel
and then musical theatre
and new music under
Hans-Werner Henze.
Later session musician and accompanist. After many years writing pop songs he returned to his roots and nylon-stringed guitar. More recent compositions centred initially on jazz, then several sounds with preference for harmonic modulation .

Hans Erler : acoustic bass,
vocals, percussion and composition.

Band experience with own pop bands. CD release and extensive gigs all over Germany. Studied on Popkurs Hamburg with Anselm Kluge, Peter Weihe then at Musicians Institute in Los Angeles under Steve Bailey, Gary Willis and Jeff Berlin. Bassist in salsa, fusion and jazz bands. Toured with blues musician L.J. Baldry, as well as numerous musicals and music theatre productions